Educators as change agents.


Stephanie Parra is the Board Member for Phoenix Union High School District’s Governing Board in Ward 3. Stephanie is an educator committed to improving public schools in Arizona.

A first-generation American citizen, Stephanie was born and raised in Yuma, AZ and is a product of Arizona public schools. She is passionate about ensuring every student in Arizona receives an excellent education and is adequately prepared to succeed in college, career and life.

During her first term at Phoenix Union, Stephanie advocated for students, families and employees to ensure they had a voice on the school board. She has built a reputation as a fearless advocate who pushes against the status quo to advance positive outcomes for Phoenix Union students and educators.

Stephanie firmly believes that educators can and should lead the effort to transform Arizona public schools. In partnership with leadership and local associations, Stephanie has encouraged innovation within the district to make Phoenix Union a great place to work and learn. 

Re-electing Stephanie Parra to the Phoenix Union High School District Governing Board means a continued commitment to:

  • Students, parents and families in the district to have a voice on the school board.
  • Investing in employees to ensure the district continues attract and retain the most talented educators in the state.
  • Fostering a district that strives for excellence in equity and inclusiveness for all students regardless of background.

"Serving as a school board member at Phoenix Union has been my greatest honor and privilege. We have seen academic growth, an increase in high school graduation rates and a decrease in dropout rates. There is much work to be done and I’ll be proud to serve alongside the great educators in the district for another four years.”

SParra Signature.png
Stephanie Parra
Governing Board Member
Phoenix Union High School District, Ward 3